Rust-Eater Bisco #02 — Desert Hippo Cavalry

January 17th, 2022


I question the sustained land speed of a burdened hippo.

Tribe Nine's second episode was evenly split between infodumping, batting practice, and eating. It wasn't until the last five seconds that a dude dropped out of a jet in ugly CGI monster trucks to announce "I officially challenge you to state sanctioned baseball." Not exactly thrilling. There was a bit where they argued over table manners, just to put how it has decided to spend its time in total context.


Man, the pacing on this show is so awful, as are its priorities. We iterate, reiterate, and then re-re-re-re-iterate that the old dude is his mentor, he's sick, and he's injured/dying at least three or four times, in multiple different ways, half of which were in flashback form. Clearly dialogue and information that needs to be highlighted and focused on, because the concept of a mentor dying in the first act is completely unknown to stories. Meanwhile, there's apparently a big brawl with a probably important character since she has a unique design and gets a lot of screen time that they completely skip over. Which seems like the more interesting part of the story here, Bisco?

I guess it was slightly better than the first episode in that there was at least something sort of approaching action, and the story moving at a crawl once it escaped its own flashbacks instead of at a… whatever is even slower than a crawl. The titular character himself isn't awful either. A bit shouty, but shouty at times so far when it's okay to be emotional and upset. The animation remains quite poor though, even not getting into CGI crabs being chased by CGI hippo cavalry. We are nowhere near even the low heights of shows like… Christ, Seven Knights? Grimms Notes? …Any port in a storm, this season.

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