Rust-Eater Bisco #01 — Border Security

January 10th, 2022


An accurate description of government competence.


Good lord, this episode was slow. It definitely fancies itself Trigun, but absolutely goddamned crawls through every single scene without a trace of levity or awareness of how plainly silly all of it is. The amount of scenery chewing is also so ridiculous that it's difficult to tell whether or not it's meant to be some kind of grand parody. We spend something like five minutes at a checkpoint where a dude keeps going on and goddamned on about how serious they take everything, and how dangerous the dude on the wanted poster is… to a suspiciously masked man who keeps throwing up the most half-assed excuses and transparent lies. Meanwhile, in the city, we have the noblest doctor ever, who every single goddamned person from the obviously corrupt tyrant mayor to street urchins must announce is Jesus incarnate while running around with his own personal comically evil looking SS wearing bunny heads, even while piloting attack helicopters to create faux monster attacks. The real evil of the evil organization is the adherence to the dress code.

I guess at least it's trying to tell some kind of story, but my god, the pacing alone is so damning that it barely even manages to get to what was plainly obvious in the opening seconds of the episode. I know from the promos that there's more action and animation than what this episode showed, but if the story continues to crawl like this episode did, it will take a good two to three more weeks before a shocking, gasping reveal that the titular character is not evil and the government propaganda about mushrooms being evil is a lie. 


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