Princess Connect #16 — Catchphrase Dumping Ground

January 24th, 2022


Please stop yelling the same phrases over and over.


Well, it was better than the last two episodes, but it was still quite obnoxious. I guess the screaming idiot was some one-off character from the previous season? I honestly don't remember, but I don't remember much of it to start with. That's not a great start. Then we get to the three new ones. Two of the three just existed to occasionally scream their catchphrase in lieu of contributing any kind of dialogue. The third one largely did that as well, but consumed most of the time via monotone monologue. I would be harsher on it for that, but it was a nice but of quiet among all the screaming. 

What made it better than the last two episodes is that there was at least some kind of challenge facing them, with a minor twist and turn here and there, and it only took them a third of the episode to get to it. As far as any kind of horror parody goes though, there was just some half-assed screaming, which, let me tell you, the show has not lacked for up to this point. We can all do with a little less screaming, please and thank you. It also then crapped all over itself in the closing minutes when it decided not only did it need to explain all of what happened with the huggy skeletons out of nowhere, but that the explanation was that it was a random parallel dimension randomly deciding to randomly haunt a random forest, ergo life is truly mysterious. Pulled that one straight out of the colon, did you? 


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