Princess Connect #14 — It Makes the Face Again

January 10th, 2022


…And that's about it.


A new season. A chance to right the struggling ship. To pick up one or multiple of the ten billion plot threads the first season abandoned perhaps. Or maybe to refocus on the comedy. Or even put an additional emphasis on the action. Or we could start with pure padding, a montage where we recycle a couple of the notable jokes from the start of the first season, skip out of multiple fights with dumb deus ex machinas, and then kick in the insert song ED when faced with… wait, I need to double check this… a large cloud. But Kokkoro made The Face again, which is apparently all that matters. Christ.

I guess if you liked the direction that the first season went in, then congrats. It has decided that it is going straight back to pure padding and recycling the one semi-unique reaction face in it along with rehashing literally the exact same jokes as before with nothing new added whatsoever. Yeah, I thought the derpwolves were amusing the first time. I would like to see a new joke now. Or for something to actually happen. Valorously attacking weather patterns so you can look at a random landmark and then just leave doesn't cut it. I don't feel like I'm asking for too much, but apparently I am.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Joshua Kim says:

    You know, there was a huge revelation that came up to me having sat through seeing last year’s CyGames gacha game ad about horse girls legitimately become the most popular show of that year in Japan, becoming the best-selling anime of all-time and its gacha game towering over everything that wasn’t FGO or Genshin over there.

    This is what CyGames legitimately believes is the future of anime. Little more than pretty looking pieces of brand/corporate synergy in the vein of Space Jam 2, where talent and money are poured into little more than wank service for gacha whales to scoop up merch featuring their favorite waifus and husbandos so they can enter the gacha codes included with them to get even more perks in their games. Their console games are set on the same path too.

    PriComme is basically their pitch to investors on their vertical integration plans. A Disney-style scheme to monopolize the Japanese anime and gaming industries as perfectly seen in a recent music video animated by CyGamesPictures featuring CyGames IP with designs by CyDesignation and a song called Follow Your Fantasy created by CyGames Music, celebrating their CyGames anime and CyGames gacha titles.

    Either that, or they’ll collapse in a few years like Level-5 when the Yokai Watch machine fizzled out quickly after just 3 years.

  • Joshua says:

    Oh and to throw in another Disney analogy, if that Pricomme s1 finale was supposed to establish Pecorine as gay (“Look! She said ‘I love you!’ to the tsundere!”), then it was as missable as Disney’s “first gay characters” they keep shoving in their films for brownie points.

    That and Nobuhiro Tatenaka (CyGames’ anime producer) having Kevin Feige-levels of insecurity. Oh boo hoo, your shows based on your games are making so much more money than every other show that gets released each year, and yet you want to be seen as a “savior” to this suffering industry despite making almost nothing but brand extensions. Gimme a break.

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