Miss Kuroitsu from Monster Development #01 — CHECK OUT THE BOOBS

January 8th, 2022


Why does the existence of boobs get its own insert song?

I don't know why a higher res version hasn't popped up yet. Probably communism. I've got things to do this weekend though. You'll live.


I guess at least it's clear that there are some sentai/tokusatsu fans on staff that are both knowledgable enough and secure enough to have some fun poking the material. The sudden cut to a fake ED of absolute nonsense as an aborted show within the show is at least a somewhat different kind of joke than usual, and somewhat relevant to the subject matter, which is more than can be said for many recent anime comedies. There's still plenty of yelling and reaction faces set to speedlines though, which have not become a better form of joke despite the last ten or so years of the anime industry's single-minded focus on them.

Then again, the last five minutes of the episode was almost 100% "HEY, WE HAVE BOOBS TOO! CHECK OUT ALL THESE BOOBS! BUY THE DVD FOR NIPPLES!" Which was apparently such a momentous thing for this show that the entire sequence was set to an insert song for reasons I can't even begin to imagine, but incomprehensibility is better than nothing. Still inferior to actual parody, and you would think given how sentai are fighting poorly designed giant pizza slices to start with, it wouldn't be hard to come up with some decent material, but hey, the boobs are right there. Boobs on a wolf girl. Why spend effort on writing when you can just toss up some boobs?


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