Kenshin Blader #02 — Chicken By Committee

January 15th, 2022


Did they really serve fried chicken to a giant chicken?


I'm not enthusiastic about this either, but this season is terrible, and I got another iota of a chuckle from the parody ED again into blowing up a bad paper mache chicken, so at least it ended… I wouldn't say strongly, but on the positive side of mediocrity. The first half was desperately begging for some kind of punchline to the whole business trip thing, or at the very least, better payoff for the temp being carted out to the middle of nowhere to be a punching bag. But, uh… the reveal that that's what was happening was about all we got, and the business trip angle ended with the same gag it was doing the whole way through about him doing mundane things as Lord Demon-For-A-Face or whatever.

The second part was maybe slightly better, and at least had more humor put into it than last week's "hey, boobs!" At the same time though, it's like someone took one of the many memes about product development being corrupted at every step and decided that a joke that has been told in a billion Dilbert strips would work better as a ten minute segment. Then it got all weird and emotional about how Doing Her Best™ she was and how precious and wonderful that is. Uh, okay. That was spontaneous and out of nowhere. Did the wrong pages of the script get slipped in? Just blow up more badly made paper mache monsters, please.


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Considering we’ve already seen them develop one monster, and the only pushback they got was from their child leader going “make him a girl,” it’s weird we now see a development process pass through a thousand different departments.

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