Genius Prince Etc Etc #03 — Bath Time

January 25th, 2022


How you can tell it was a pointless episode.


I would say that this episode abandoned the super tactical genius silliness, but almost the entire dialogue from start to finish continued to just be explaining to the audience how the main character is the smartest, noblest, bravest, most selfless, biggest penis having, finest baker, expert in charcuterie, etc etc, so on and so forth. Then they took a bath, where they continued to sing the protagonist's praises. There wasn't even any story or plot. Princess comes to visit. She's secretly a childhood friend but he never suspected because despite being a super genius, he was fooled by her cutting off one syllable from her name. Yeah, really selling that super genius angle, guys. What's next? Count Vlad Alucard who has a mysterious secret?

And with this immensely tedious and dull episode, I think we're cutting our losses on Teenager Power Fantasy Tuesday as well. I can't see this improving much, let alone to a level where it would be watchable. Lord knows I've played enough tactical SRPGs with this kind of premise, especially from Softhouse Chara, and this is half-assed even compared to those. Maybe I should just go play Ouzoku again. That has exhibitionist maid ninjas. What does this have? Bad CGI? Oh wait, Ouzoku even has that too.


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I realize that a lot of racism in the real world is based on silly things like, “you pray to the wrong god,” or “you pray to the same God, but in a way I don’t like,” and other such nonsense.

    But the fact that this girl (and the show) has to constantly remind us that she can’t be in a relationship with MC because she is of an indeterminate different racial background even though to the audience she is indistinguishable due to their very generic anime designs is annoying on a whole other level.

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