Dolls’ Frontline #03 — Fair Fight

January 21st, 2022




I think this is where we bid this show auf wiedersehen. I will say that it's better than how I expected it to be at this point, but that's because I totally expected it to be nothing but tea, cakes, and baths by the third episode. It's stuck to its guns, pun intended, and while it occasionally flirts with those things, nothing all that egregious or obnoxious. Even the more dynamic, and massively better animated Azur Lane still spent easily half its time on girls skipping around on beaches and tittering to each other about how much of the best they were doing and what compatriotic friends they all were.

At the same time though, it's not doing much particularly well either. The story continues to absolutely crawl. There's not much drama or weight to any of the mediocrely animated fights because even as individuals, they're all mass robot clone swarms, and the military tactics on display continue to be childishly and unbelievably dumb. This week's "I left a note saying to ambush you here" was marginally better than last week's "Oops, you stopped using your magic shield for no real reason," but still glosses over her entire squad being instantly taken out without a peep even if you accept that they were tracking the 'good' guy without actually inspecting any of the places she had been. Maybe it works better with a game attached, but I doubt it.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    Just another show that’s desperate to cash in on UmaMusu exploding in popularity in Japan. Except now that China is trying to jump in with their own animation studio in Japan.

    It’s going to be pretty nightmarish seeing companies try and continue making more gacha franchises all trying to compete with that one horsegirl idol series. I’ve already seen one shitty attempt with that hockey idol series last season, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

    I’m also really concerned just how far CyGames is going to take their newfound power thanks to that horsegirl idol series. Hoping that it will be temporary, and they’ll collapse like Level-5 when they had a explosive hit but petered out after a few years, but signs also point to them taking the Disney route of consolidation and vertical integration in order to assert dominance.

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