CUE! #01 — Remember When Anime Was Different From Now?

January 7th, 2022


Yes, but why are you bringing this up, idol gacha advertisement?


There's something profoundly insane about the opening hook of the show within a show here, specifically that it's the kind of show that the anime industry refuses to make anymore. Are you seriously being nostalgic for and dreaming about being a part of some Ghibli fantasy while you're churning out idol gacha garbage? Is this supposed to be a cry for help? Or since we're making idol propaganda here to advertise a gambling game aimed at exploiting teenagers, is it so deep in delusion that you can no longer see what you're doing at all? Do I need to even answer that?

I watch the first episodes of these things because I am hopeful that eventually one will surprise me. Not even necessarily by having the same open disdain for the idol/gacha industry that I do, but at the very least, being willing to sincerely mock it at least to the same level of shows like 30 Rock or the Office. Even shows like Shirobako are naked tongue baths of toxic positivity towards an industry where every single news article you see is about how awful it is. And this does absolutely nothing new or interesting. There are a dozen to two dozen girls. Each one has a helpfully distinct design. We meet and greet through all of them. They're going to try their best and love the subject matter du jour, voice acting in this case, but completely indistinguishable from idols in any way, except no CGI dance sequences, yet. We did skip the ED after all. No real drama. Nobody's secretly a zombie. Nobody's stabbing anybody in the back. They just do their best and their best is good enough because friendship and trying hard. That's it. That's all of it. All of these stupid shows.


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