Akebi’s Sailor Uniform #01 — “HELLO, I AM SHY AND QUIET!”

January 8th, 2022


Yes, I can tell that by the way you are yelling at me.


Well, it's certainly going all in on excessively detailed art and animation production. I wish the same amount of effort had been spent on the script. Ten straight minutes on a hyperactive shrieking girl screaming nonstop to everybody in a fifteen mile radius that she's too awkward to talk to new people is at least nine and a half minutes too much of that nonsense, and a difficult conceit to get behind. Maybe that's supposed to be the joke, but then why do we keep getting emotional shots of her quivering eyes, welled up with tears over it? It definitely ain't a comedy either though.   

It's really just not my kind of show. I would compare it to Komi, but with more points into background art detail, fewer into silly facial expressions and screaming comedy, and without the really well done emotional climax scene that bought that one at least a few more episodes of my attention, which is really where this episode I think struggles. There's no big moment. She meets a girl at the end, smells some feet, and… uh… that's it, I guess? The end? I like conflict. I crave development. It doesn't have to be them being driven to insanity by their dead father's ghost demanding justice on their uncle/step-father for murdering them and stealing the Danish throne, but I want there to be at least some iota of substance to the story and characters. Crippling self-doubt that is in no way crippling is not sufficient. It has a girl. She wants to do her best. Let's make it look really nice and call it a day. And from what I know of the anime fandom, that's probably more than enough.


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