A Genius Prince Etc Etc #02 — Also, We Are Such Turbo Racists

January 18th, 2022


Do the bad guys even do anything but gape in rage/disbelief?


Of all the awful teenager power fantasies of Tuesday, I decided that this one's second episode was the least obnoxious, though rest assured, that sage reincarnation one's CGI has not gotten an iota better. This really wants to be a heisty kind of deal, but remains incredibly bad at it, and never seems to understand when it needs to stop. It cuts away after the success to some rando browsing old yearbooks to explain that the titular prince has always been the recorded best at literally everything and won both most likely to succeed, most handsome, largest penis, so on and so forth, but because the yearbook redacted his name, it was a mystery to everybody.

Meanwhile, the antagonists continue to be slobbering imbeciles, while makes any victories over them not exactly the result of cunning and genius. They're comically evil too, flat out announcing things like "Hey, by the way, I almost forgot to mention, but we are so turbo racist. Beautiful blonde women are scum." Which is more than a tad bizarre on a number of levels. Mostly, they just mug in disbelief for the camera over and over at being defeated at every turn, often while the protagonist is monologuing about his innate superiority. Not exactly Macgyvering a win out of bits of string and glue here, especially, again, when you then explicitly and lengthily go out of your way to explain that the protagonists had pretty much all the advantages from the start.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t get the appeal. All the critical stuff seem to happen off screen. Finally nail in any legitimate storytelling showing up in this show was the dried out mine finding another vein of gold.

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