World’s Greatest Ass #11 — Run, Idiots, Run

December 15th, 2021


This. This is her big character moment.

I've been putting off working on the new season preview because there are once again like eight different "reincarnated in RPG world" shows, though a few are sequels. I am past ready for this fad to be done with, even if the next one is… I don't know, billionaire alien cat girl dominatrixes?


Not to get meta, but something about this episode made the auto-capper I use absolutely choke itself. It can't be there was too much animation. The first minute and a half was recycled footage from the previous episode. The next six minutes were people standing rock still in a single room, nothing animated but their chins. I think the best part is how the mother stayed on her knees on the floor just so the camera could keep going to overhead shots of her cleavage.

But then we get to the meat of the episode. They're here, but they need to be there! So it's up to Tarte to use her magic to run really fast. And… uh, that's it. That's apparently her big character moment in the entire show. Everything with her was leading up to… uh… this. And by gods, were they going to try to milk it. Insert song. Flashback montage recap. Wailing in anguish over the depths of her feelings over not being able to run quite enough. The goddamned works. I legitimately laughed, it was that goddamned corny and bad, so at least it provided some small bit of entertainment. Good lord, show. What are you even doing?

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