World’s Greatest Ass #09 — Drugs Are Bad

December 1st, 2021


I question the efficiency of one waif distributor and seven thug enforcers.


I guess after seven and a half episodes of setup, they finally got to an episode ostensibly focused on actually assassinating someone. It was still mostly an episode of the harem, including his mother, discussing how much they want to sex him up. Frankly, at this point, I'm more astonished that they've been keeping that one girl in their pocket and despite being the first haremette to get a real introduction, she's practically never shown up again through all the myriad polygamy and penile discussions.

Where this episode really screws the pooch on the assassination side is that it forgets to make the dude an actual villain. They establish that drugs exist… by walking into a random alley and randomly assaulting people apparently running drugs by hiding them in jam… and then going to the drug-free girl's house and de-drugging her mother, declaring job well done in the process. Then they meet the supposed Head of Drugs, and, uh… he by all appearances is just a regular dude with a loving wife. This is the point where there'd be some kind of twist like it was actually the wife, or the dude has a secret torture basement, or is the only person who has the formula for Drugs. But they forget to do any of that, shoot him in the head, and again, declare job well done. Because, as everybody knows, as soon as El Chapo was arrested, drugs stopped being a problem everywhere. That's how criming works. And we didn't even really establish that this was indeed jam El Chapo!


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • mikeski says:

    But the haremette running the nation’s cosmetics industry said Jam El Chapo was him, so it has to be true!

    I assume Our Hero’s parallel investigation, which we actually got to see, was just to make sure JEC wasn’t using the profits to run the world’s largest abandoned puppy rescue operation, or something.

  • Anonymous says:

    I too was expecting it to be the wife but its fine. yes he could be a perfectly normal guy, he might even run a cheery while destroying 100s of lives as a byproduct of his actions. Some bloody dictators were pretty amicable too. I agree that him getting killed does not stop all drugs forever and people in withdrawal will likely cause a crime spike but the operations will be disturbed without him providing protection. Also the drugs were kind of secondary!? he was selling military secrets in exchange for the drugs. In the end killing him might not be the best solution but its better than doing nothing.

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