Sakugan #10 — All Glory To Fascism!

December 9th, 2021


Boy, am I not in the mood for a powerpoint presentation on the good points of benevolent dictatorships.

I'm actually out of town right now in the mountains. I was planning on driving back tomorrow, but there's a storm a'coming that I would greatly prefer not to be caught in the middle of or have to drive through the aftermath of. I might be able to get to Ranking of Kings before I need to hit the road back to greater civilization, but it's not likely, and unpacking/general recuperation from a four hour car ride with two nervous corgis and one post-op labradoodle comes before blogging particularly weird anime. I'll get to it today, but if it doesn't come in about two hours like normal, it won't be until tonight.


I wonder if I'm just getting anarchisty in my old age, or if I just have a shorter fuse because it feels like half the world is careening headlong towards authoritarian fascism. I can definitely say that I didn't love a ten minute presentation on why authoritarianism is actually pretty great. Look what nice tyrants we are. Sure, we control the populace, but we do it for their good. Because they're a zoo to us. And when they do things like "Oh, you're wanted criminals? I'm rich and powerful, so I expunged your records…" That is clearly supposed to show how benevolent the dictator here is, but all I can think is "Wow, the corruption and injustice is goddamned blatant." So when he gets almost-stomped… almost… by a literally random monster, we're clearly meant to feel bad for him, but they just spent an entire episode with a smug jackass explaining all the ways that he's a corrupt totalitarian asshat. Swing and a miss, show. Wiiiiide swing and a miss.

I guess at least the cultists are getting involved finally after hanging around in the background for most of the show… for about three minutes to reveal… that they're after the brat, and that's literally it. They try to grab her, and get chased off. The other 'dramatic', to be incredibly loose with the word, side of the episode was that the brat dropped her stupid stuffed doll, again, and ran back into the middle of danger to find it because daaaaaddy. Boy, this definitely seems like a super genius who we should be listening to for advice and our own wellbeing. Sorry, the 10 minute presentation on why fascism is actually good has definitely put me in a cantankerous mood. The second half of the episode was lame but largely inoffensive… I mean, so long as you don't question the genius plan of the cultists to wait until a band of travelers to isolated places are in a literal stronghold before launching a two-man ambush.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • gedata says:

    The one tasked with the kidnapping could cut a bullet in half with quick twitch reflexes but couldn’t detect a large, bumbling man that’s 10+ beers deep taking a wild swing at her while running at full speed. I just thought was funny.

    • Aroduc says:

      Writing in most seasons has… issues.

      This season has so many issues that it’s more like an anthology.

      …That was better in my head.