Sakugan #09 — Beach Week

December 2nd, 2021


Another faffing episode.


After the last two weeks of throwing weeping fits about not rushing straight ahead to her father's foretold death, we stop at a random lake because it's hot out and spend the entire thing goofing around. The kid apparently now shifted from OH MY GOD WHY WILL YOU NOT BELIEVE IN MY DRUG INDUCED HALLUCINATIONS THAT I WILL NOT TELL YOU ABOUT to just "those wacky adults." And then it goes full Gilligan's Island and they start constructing elaborate fruit based resort platforms. It's a blessing that there weren't any lemurs around or they would have probably had them trained to be their butlers as well.

That's the whole episode. Clearly meant to be a cooldown and "look at how happy they all are," before it throws itself into whatever it's going to try to pass off as a climax. Never mind that it's a sudden drastic shift in what was supposedly driving a character. Never mind that it's yet another insubstantial episode of fluff in a series that has been nothing but fluff since the third episode. Never mind that they seem to have completely forgotten the mechs and fighting giant monsters. But it would be a lot easier to not mind those things if the goddamned characters themselves would stop calling out the plot holes. Yes, Memempu, I too am curious why we just swept the whole death arena and attempted murder under the rug for no real reason. I too wonder why you're suddenly concerned for your travel partners being hot when you didn't care when they were dying of poisoning. I'm not even certain why that one dude's still along. Didn't they explicitly ditch him at the end of last week's episode? Whatever. Let's just limp to the end. Maybe that cultist-probably-mother will finally get involved in literally any way whatsoever.

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