Sacks and Guns #12 — Yer The Chosen One

December 23rd, 2021


Chosen to do jack squat.


Christ, this episode was a steaming mess of crap that reeked of assuming they'd have two seasons, but after spending an entire season on padding, had to throw in every single plot twist brainstormed without any editing or thought in one long five minute infodump. You see, the brat is some genetically engineered superchild with the super power of… uh… an eidetic memory? Which is full of visions of the future put into it by the fascists that run the Labyrinth so that she can became a fascist who runs the Labyrinth. And the terrorists are there because they hate these wunderkinder and want to kill them all, but not before explaining everything to them first, as well as shouting out their plans and motivations to anybody and everybody who comes within earshot. And somehow still managed to keep it a secret from everybody to this point.

And of course, none of this makes a single iota of sense or is consistent in any way with anything that came before. It's just an excuse for yet another half-assed "We're a family!" yelling match. None of the dreams (and by dreams, we still mean the single poison induced hallucination) actually meant anything or were prophetic in any way. Nothing means anything. The best part was the head cultist dude going "I must leave now," and then turning around and coming right back after the dumb speech. That one cultist girl just evaporated into thin air after performing her job of foreshadowing… nothing, apparently. And then everybody goes off to celebrate with their fascist master, having learned literally nothing and apparently just at peace now with being in a totalitarian dystopia under constant threat of giant monsters. Who doesn't love a happy ending? 


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