Megaton Musashi #10 — Sex and Maids

December 3rd, 2021


This episode took a direction.


So, it turns out that the commander woman is an alien who's in an illicit sexual relationship with the one glasses kid out of a touch of suicidal nihilism in rebellion against the space empire. Uh, right. Not totally sure that tracks, and kind of feel like the princess already had the niche of anti-war alien fanservice woman, but okay, why not. It makes more sense than the last five or so minutes of the episode where the bodyguard dude drags someone to a maid cafe for 90 seconds of "Oh no, the princess is in danger" and three and a half of… I don't even know how to describe it. People pointing and chirping at flan? Yeah, that's about sums it up.

And speaking of the princess, she gets her own maudlin two minutes before it's time to shift her entirely into fanservice romantic interest, complete with dressup montage and silly "this is how you eat udon" scene. And then they go watch that classic romantic movie, Totanic, where Wose doesn't kick Jock off the plank at the end. Then they go to an arcade and get Thonic the Hedgepig keychains. …You're making the copyright checkers cry, anime. Then he sneaks her into the middle of the anti-alien stronghold, predictably running right into someone who hates aliens. Very smart moves all around.

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