Mega Moose #13 — Girls’ Story

December 24th, 2021


It's only a flesh wound.

Winter season preview will be up some random day between Monday and Wednesday. My family is already driving me insane because why not be awake at 4:30 am and encourage our toddlers to scream? Not just a 4:30am, but all through the day! Got to be supportive!


Not so much of a finale here as a twenty minute teaser for the next season in nine months, which is an ambitious amount of optimism for how little anybody seems to care about this show, myself included. I think the strange part is that almost all of it was centered around the girls. Commander lady is pregnant. Queenie is assassinated. The bitchy idol bully is, uh… doted on. The princess finds a new bodyguard. The tomboy also has some kind of tragic backstory from during the apocalypse. I haven't bothered to learn anybody's names. Okay, I know the princess is Aschen, and the commander is Minami since their respective hangers-on keep weeping their names over and over, but that's it. Also, half of these things take place in the final sixty seconds of the episode, so definitely desperate to string people along.

But since it is the season finale, they go all out for the action scene, and by that, I mean that instead of picking 1-2 cards for the special attack against a random monster being fought for no real reason and with no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever, they picked 3-4 cards against a random monster being fought for no real reason and with no distinguishing characteristics whatsoever. And I'm pretty certain that this is where we shall part ways. It was sort of interesting, and its wacky nonsensical plot antics were somewhat amusing given most of the other shows this season and their refusal to have any plot themselves at all, but this was not a good show. Maybe it's better in video game form where the action sequences aren't totally generic and half-assed. I wouldn't be shocked if that was the case, especially given how all the Persona adaptations have gone. Or maybe this was just the regular reminder I need as to why I can't stomach mecha.


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  • Kitsu says:

    I’m really tired, season after season there’s nothing that really interests me