Mega Moose #12 — The Endless Sacrifice Parade

December 17th, 2021


Oh woe, I am also undone too as well.


My favorite part of this wasn't the parade of supposed sacrifices among completely indistinct explosions, nor the people suddenly yelling about a sadistic bully 'dying' causing them to go into a berserk rage for approximately three seconds, though that last part is pretty similar. Nor was it the random light saber fight with the space wizard guy who apparently was in space training camp with the one bodyguard dude who's a big maid fan who also nobly sacrificed himself (but probably not really) by just standing there and taking a sword to the gut instead of fighting at all while the dude leaped screaming through the air about fifteen feet. It was that we started out with Glasses Dude getting all weepy over the commander lady, screaming "I'LL PICK UP HER SHARE" and then immediately bowing out of the rest of the episode, barely to be seen again.

Second place for the moments of the episode that very badly missed the mark has to go to the main spaceship's supposedly big transformation scene. Closeups all over the place until they pull the camera back and show that it's changed from a flying saucer to a flying saucer with the windows open. And of course they defeat the enemy in the same way that they always do, by selecting some random new skill off the skill list while an obnoxious insert song plays. This episode was more a series of overly dramatic and totally unconvincing vignettes and bad insert songs than anything else, but I'm also pretty sure nobody acknolwedges its existence besides me anyway, and they're not at all wrong to do so. 

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