World’s Greatest Assassin #07 — Protagonist Power Make Up

November 17th, 2021


Do something. DOOOOOO something!


It's incredible to say that the worst part of the episode wasn't the final bit of a montage into a surprise discussion of boners and then how DTF his entire harem is. That last part doesn't even bother me. I want characters to have relationships. They should be interested in each other. Germán's playboy indiscriminate love of prostitutes was one of the more amusing parts of Garo. It was… –waves arms theatrically– the entire rest of the episode, which was mainly a review of the existence of make-up and how his invention of some slightly different flavor of it has taken the world by storm. Somehow.

Which is to say that I spent most of the episode lost in my own thoughts about what this might have been like had the pacing not been absolute garbage; had we gotten a single compact episode introducing each of the four characters, preferably with some kind of overall arc introducing antagonist(s) and story along the way. Instead, we're seven episodes in and still wafflng around, trying desperately to reach the initial tease of the first five minutes of episode one, which is increasingly looking like it will have taken place long after the series was over. What was the purpose of this episode? What did it do to develop the characters or story? What about it are people supposed to remember or be excited by? Answer these questions for me, you goddamned hacks.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    I doubt moisturiser could do much for that ladies ugly stick.
    Whole thing felt like an arc boiled down to a summery. We never got to see him live a day with this people, his “step brother”,etc. its like “oh yeah he maxed his merchant skills off screen”

    • Anonymous says:

      oh and in the same vein Tart having visited multiple battlefields literally off screen and become some trophy collecting psycho.