World’s Greatest Assassin #06 — Evil Inc

November 10th, 2021


This author sure loves his sex slaves.


I'm inclined to cut this one a bit of slack just because it told a cohesive story in the episode, introducing the final member of the harem, with a start, middle, end, without being bogged down in any amount of power level or other isekai nonsense. The problem with the episode is that all the subject matter is deeply unpleasant. Orphan girls being kidnapped, molested, sold to rapists, raped, self-mutilating to avoid being sold to more rapists, and some more molesting. We could have easily skipped the sexual violence or had the protagonist roll in to save the girls before it happened, and you'd still have fat, cackling, kidnapping slavers as the baddies.

It was at least not obnoxiously grauitous about it, but it wasn't great either, even before getting into the sappy and frankly ridiculous "All's well that ends well" ending. Pretty sure there will be some scars, guys, physically and emotionally. Not to mention the start's rosy picture of life as a street orphan. Yeah, we could eliminate childhood poverty and starvation if only those orphans stopped being so damn lazy and got jobs. But that's a minor sin that I would otherwise just make silly jokes about if the episode had even a single trace of levity in it. 

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