World’s Greatest Assassin #05 — Still Training…

November 3rd, 2021


Always training…


It's almost endearing how this episode started off badly and managed to somehow get immeasurably worse as it went on. I was complaining last week about takt op still being mired in training and introduction episodes, and this is starting to look like that action packed bit that it used as the hook in the first episode is going to be how the show ends. Still no character focus. Still no development of anybody or introduction of any kind of story, antagonist, or any actual conflict. Just yet more supposed training, half of which is just all characters announcing how cool and badass the protagonist is, including the protagonist himself doing it. And there is just nothing goddamned else to the episode.

But that undersells how egregiously stupid most of the rambling about… everything… that all the writing is. They do a montage of them going on a bloody massacre through nobles, followed immediately by an over-long conversation about how important it is to hide that they're assassins, which goes right into attending The Ball For Assassins where they announce to all what great assassins they are and how much they're looking forward to all the assassining they'll be doing. You know, the right and proper way to hide that you're an assassin as you leave a mountain of corpses everywhere you go. I would be more annoyed, but the horrendous writing is somehow a plus and the closest thing to a comedy this season has for me.

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