World’s Greatest Ass #08 — Requiem for Recaps

November 24th, 2021


I love the CGI buggy out of nowhere.


Another immensely frustrating episode. The ending that was spent almost entirely on recap and clips montages despite still not even having reached the goddamned first episode yet was already bad enough, but at least it declared that hey, it's time to goddamned finally start getting to the premise of the show. Congratulations. You've announced that you'll be getting to what shows like Princess Principal or Release the Spyce managed in the first episode. How proud of yourself you must be for announcing that you're going to begin your first arc some eight episodes in, a month from the end, but not actually doing so yet. What a cause for celebration.

The more frustrating part was that the first half was also spent on recap, except for stuff that I guess we skipped over. Like blondie has apparently become some kind of war hero. And the one with the purple hair is using her newfound influence and resources to make power plays against her family's killer, using harem boy's stuff for her own purposes. Those seem like they could or should have been interesting stories! Why are we skipping over them and just getting a recap instead? You can do a lot even in just ten minutes. We don't need a three minute recap and eight minutes of blushing and squirming about how much every girl wants to sleep with him. 

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