takt op.Destiny #09 — The Big Boring Apple

November 30th, 2021


Justify your existence!


Another episode where I just want to wrap my hands around the damn things neck and shake vigorously while screaming "GODDAMN DO SOMETHING, ALREADY." They reach New York, meet the girls' sister, who is apparently a super scientist with the music people, and she tells them that they need to quit fighting because of too much eating life force. That's it. That's the entire episode. And even that takes ten minutes to get there because we need to go through introductions, hugs, re-introductions, instructions to use nicknames, oh my god, just get on with it.

Then we enter the second half, where of course, they still found time to fit in a montage about shopping with a sub-montage of playing dressup. And… uh… we just sit around moping. Perhaps if we had been telling stories along the way about the people we've saved or lives we'd changed, there might be something to mope about, but we only fight random monsters in the middle of nowhere who are not actively threatening anybody, so all we're left to mope about is the general ennui of existence. Then we end with almost a literal call to arms (well, technically a call to run away), so I can only imagine most of next week will be spent moping about that too, because this show never goddamned does anything.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    They have to grow corn in Vegas and Houston is just a random desert, but of course New York is in pristine condition.