takt op.Destiny #08 — HOW DARE YOU!?

November 23rd, 2021


Beethoven's Fifth there? Not a good musical choice.


Well, I guess this was probably the strongest episode of the last two months, but it was still not great, and trying to use Beethoven's Fifth as a dramatic song did not help. It at least had some action and was fairly focused. Except that we still have characters who are just hanging around to hang around, and the whole thing came to an abrupt, sudden deus ex machina ending when the grand poobah popped in out of nowhere to call it all off. Not exactly a satisfying way to end things that highlights… whatever the hell the long flashback sequence was supposed to show.

The bigger problems are that the antagonists are still terrible and the dramatic character stuff still hasn't risen past the level of "believe in your partner. No believe more. Morest. Most!" The antagonists especially though. Nazi Fritz reacts to literally everything by staring in utter shock, whether it's the dude he's trying to kill trying to punch him, said dude running away, or having his pet sadist taken away. Literally everything to him is some unbelievable insult which he must react to with incredulous theatrical revulsion. Granted, it's certainly in character for a modern day neo-fascist, but he's just plain silly, and I can't imagine this will be the last we see of him either.

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