takt op.Destiny #07 — Oh No, The Artist’s Malaise

November 16th, 2021


The pacing of all the shows this season is killing me.


Another quite baffling episode, but at least for multiple reasons rather than just not trying to do goddamned anything at all. Don't misunderstand, the phoning it in portion was still a solid 16 or so minutes of the episode. Takt has the grumpies, and so they park their butts down to give him some angst artist time to create while befriending the local children and thinking lots about their past. Much angst. Very artistic. So much character development by staring blankly and sighing. And of course, eat some pancakes.

The far more baffling bit is the Nazi dude from a couple episodes back has one fifteen second meeting with his boss and that's his entire villainous arc and reason for going off the deep end and swearing blood vengeance against Takt. Even that is underselling his goddamned three minute monologue to end the episode. I am not exaggerating. Three goddamned minutes of standing there in a field of monsters, chewing up the scenery, waiting for the episode to end. My god. Look at the screencaps. The same two stupid distance shots about five times through the last scene. Could we not have used that time to maybe come up with an actual reason to go from casual Nazi to full bore cackling lunatic? Maybe animate something? Fight something? Or are we just doing a pose off?


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    OH NO! The guy with the Musicart literally named “Hell” was evil!