takt op.Destiny #06 — Synonyms For Cafe

November 9th, 2021


Yeah, definitely a show about fighting anti-music monsters.


Is this show allergic to development? Progress? Doing goddamned anything at all? It's like they though the last few episodes had just plain too much going on, despite nothing actually going on, so here's an episode where all they do is visit cafes. That's not an exaggeration. First they go to a general store, then they have tea, then he goes to a bar, then they go to a cafe, then they meet up at a nightclub. No story. Nothing. Dude likes music. Girls like food. Young people aren't around. Not because of monsters or anything. They just left. That's your entire goddamned episode.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Half a season left, and the show is basically The Rolling Girls. Unlike The Rolling Girls, I still like the show six episodes in, but there’s clearly very little in the way of plot.

    I’m calling it now, I see the end of the show being a large “play our game” non-ending with all the Pokém– Musicarts prominently displayed.