takt op.Destiny #05 — Hello, We’re the Nazis

November 2nd, 2021


Very, very subtle.


We finally come to the evil version of the magical girls, and they are not subtle in the slightest. They practically introduce themselves by declaring that they're members of the Third Reich, the chosen Aryan nation, only interested in weaponizing magical girls for power and profit while cackling sadistically and shrieking about how they want to gouge out people's eyes. I'm not even exaggerating about that last part. And also throw massive tantrums constantly when people talk back to them in any way despite only treating them with open contempt. Again, not subtle. But we also haven't forgotten that we're a harem, so it's also the introduction of the token combative tsundere, who I guess was meant to be the focus of the episode?

Like most recent episodes of the show, it's a little hard to tell because she didn't really have anything you could call an arc, development, or resolution unless you count her finally saying her name and then blushing over it. The end of the episode really exemplified the core problem here. Some giant monster appeared which was supposedly the evil(est) magical girl's excuse to show off… except that like the bird swarm, all it did was sit there and take it on the chin. The monsters all continue to just be punching bags. They are not a threat. There is no narrative around them. They are literally just random things to show some decent action animation. There's no story that builds up to encountering them, and once encountered, they are dispatched as easily as scratching their asses. All the story eggs are being placed in the setting/lore basket, but five episodes in, and we are far overdue for some development on the character front, especially the sister who has yet to justify her existence in this show in any way at all.


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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Anna (the sister) is holding this show together. As much as I like Cossette, if the show was just Takt and her monotonely talk at each other tbe show would bet boring fast.

    The show has to introduce as many of it’s Pokémon as possible, so if we never see the other girl again, and she doesn’t join his harem, I will die of laughter.

    Also, he said he was taking them to Houston, which, last I checked was a pretty big city, why are they still in what looks indistinguishable from the Nevada desert? Well, at least if they get hungry they can grow corn,