Sakugan #08 — Creative Pseudonyms

November 25th, 2021


Wait. Zackletu is Zack!? Holy bread twists, Batman!

Ranking of Kings was delayed due to baseball. Given that it's Thanksgiving here, it might not pop up until I'm occupied with other stuff. I'll get to it eventually, but it may not be until later.


…What the hell even was this episode? They end up back in Oaf's hometown where he has a tragic memory of an old partner dying and his little brother, except that his brother is actually the Fujiko wannabe who has been secretly plotting to assassinate him all this time, and… uh… just never felt like acting on it until he got into a spat with his daughter over not giving proper weight to her sudden onset of prophetic dreams and instead taking people who were poisoned and needed medical attention to hospitals? This screaming match and ten thousand pounds of C4 is all to teach him a lesson about saying sorry. Again, for not believing in the magical dream powers his daughter discovered while high off poisonous flowers. Why does she even want to rush to the place she thinks her father will die in the first place?

Anyway, she's mad that he had a daughter instead of… uh… adopting her? That he won't apologize for… her brother dying in the business of fighting giant monsters? Which is… again, to recap, why she pretended to seduce him and travel with him for weeks before setting up an elaborate death trap. Also, everything above, we're just sweeping that under the rug and moving on. No harm, no foul. Oh, and did I mention that apparently he has super powers? But he can't use them because there's a limiter. Except the limiter doesn't work if he tried really hard. Also, I guess we're kicking out the one dude from the party that we just picked up? Uh, glad he was along for one and a half whole episodes. I repeat. What the hell even was this episode? 

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