Sacks and Guns #07 — Fever Dreams

November 18th, 2021


Did someone forget to turn in an entire script again?


As boring and pointless as this episode was, there's something fascinating about the end of it. We spend the entire thing getting high off weird flowers and having weird hallucinations, but forgetting to actually go anywhere or develop any kind of story about it. It's like they saw the Cowboy Bebop episode where everybody got high on mushrooms and decided those couple little segments should be three times as long and all done for chuckles, with none of the animation or nightmarish hallucinations. Just people giggling and flushed.

Except for the kid. She has what she thinks is a prophetic dream, which is the fascinating part of the episode. Someone on staff realized that this episode had to have some kind of purpose, but it didn't, so what do they do? Well, the kid's dream is now, uh, prophetic, apparently. She sees blood and flips out about it, but daddy thinks it's just a drug induced hallucination. That is the entire drama for the episode. Not resolved. Not developed. Not used to show her caring for him. Presumably that will happen eventually, but this episode just kicks in the forboding music, has the peanut gallery gasp at the audacity of saying they need to be cautious and not rush to check out the fever dreams of a drugged child, and then unceremoniously stops.

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