Megaton Musashi #08 — Catty

November 19th, 2021


Eat your heart out, gender representation.


Of course after I spend most of the week holding this up as an example of a show that's manic with its various plot threads we would get an episode where pretty much nothing happens. It seemed to start off like it would be eventful, with them ambushing the brainjacked teacher and revealing the princess's schtick to the protagonists, who are not huge fans of a leader within the slaver mass murderering invaders pleading with them for patience and understanding. Then the opening plays and the entire rest of the episode is spent faffing around. Literally for much of it. The girl that was spying on them has that rewound with a half-assed excuse. The princess and her bodyguard go eat lunch and reminisce about the past. And… uh… yeah. That's all.

The closest thing to any kind of focus is that the two girl characters get bitchy at each other, largely because they're girls. Okay, granted, one of them was already the leader of a literal gang of thugs who physically attacked people who weren't her fans, and people who weren't her in general, so her being a jackass isn't some huge surprise, but going straight to petty cattiness for both of them simply because, you know… girls… is tiresome at best. Not predicated on anything in particular. Both of them equally being brats just to be brats. Not resolved either. We just get into one of the generic mecha fights and the episode abruptly ends without them having learned the value of teamwork, or to stop being tauntruming children, nothing. 


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