Megaton Musashi #07 — Afro Rap

November 12th, 2021


Suddenly, out of nowhere, hip hop.

I'm not totally sure the deal with Lupin at the moment, though I'm on the fence about continuing anyway. It looks like all broadcasts, including web simulcasts, have been pushed back a few days, except for in Sapporo. Which apparently is both quite late and not easily grabbed by internet people? It's obnoxious at any rate.


Given how every other show this season is struggling to get even a single plot thread started, it's kind of adorable to watch this show as it attempts to juggle fifteen plot threads at once, none of them connected in any substantial way, and most making no sense whatsoever. I'm not sure I could even tell you what the primary focus of this episod was meant to be. We started with the fallout from space werewolves last week, but four minutes into the episode, I guess are just tired of that and drop it again without that having gone anywhere. She's had dark dreams. Yeah, because your head is party central for alien royalty and you're a space werewolf or something. I don't know. I don't think I want to know.

We then switch back to Afro-Robo Bully Boy, who's befriended by the local tomboy martial artist. She takes him to the dojo where his combat programming kicks in and the background music launches into a rap, but his secret is revealed when she kicks slightly too close to the afro. They're interrupted anyway by Men In Black showing up to repossess him, but they run off… at which point, that plot thread is also abandoned until the last 15 seconds of the episode where they're both recruited to be child soldiers.

We're now about thirteen minutes into the episode and going to be spending the last third with the Bully Idol girl, who's grieving for her dead family, but also itching to be done with her training and be a child soldier for real. So she heads off to the battlefield for one of the least random giant robot fights in this show for at least the last month or two. They still remembered to do the dumb game skill card thing though. Her special attack is literally "multiple missles." Someone really got the short end of the stick here. 

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