Mega Moose #09 — LOVE AND PEACE

November 26th, 2021


The music choice this week was… questionable.


A very uneventful episode here as well, although the music certainly kept things confusing. it started out with a dramatic insert song yelling LOVE AND PEACE and eventually they were blasting commercial jingles at the giant evil lizard. It also spent about eight minutes just kind of sitting there, occasionally half-assing an attack, but then when they were finally ready for the ultimate plan to… have multiple people attack it at the same time… it casually laser blasted off someone's arm. The pacing here was also questionable. It's also a super good thing the princess called in to tell them to attack it in its weak points. Said weak points being… the head and joints. Those probably should have been the first things to try anyway, guys. There's also something I find amusing about them hiding in what appears to be a Home Depot. Just… why are they in a Home Depot at all? Did they mindjack the Home Depot owner too? I have so many questions.

In any case, I guess the focus or character of the week would be the one punk dude, who had a spontaneous PTSD flashback to smoke to his dead abusive mother. At this point, I think that the entire cast should assume all their families were incinerated. But that's also pretty much the start and end of it as he goes to hang out with his fake mom to grieve her. All this is especially silly when it's done with a dude with the forehead the size of a boulder, dressed in clothing five sizes too big, tearfully glaring at poorly drawn curry. It's not so much a character arc as spontaneous woeful bawling from a neanderthal whose entire personality to this point has been "I punch things!" You're not emotionally connecting with me like that, guys. Also, I guess we just dropped the cat fight between the girls? Uh, okay then.


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