Mega Moose #06 — Space Werewolves vs Afro Androids

November 5th, 2021


We're throwing together adjectives at random now.


I really can't help but wonder how the game for this is going to turn out, because each episode continues to come off like it was written by a swarm of bees. In the first third of the episode alone, we find out that the bullied kid is an android, he's befriended by a rando who breaks into the secret base, that bully idol girl's dad is some high up dude in the secret anti-alien squad, he invites her to check things out and she immediately yells that she would love to be a child soldier, the evil space wizard teacher kidnapped the psychic dude at some point… and then all of that is completely dropped and have literally nothing to do with anything else in the episode. It's like I somehow completely missed an episode and landed in the middle of a filler episode.

We then spend five minutes with the supposed protagonists, doing their obligatory fighting of generic giant aliens for no real rhyme or reason, which is astonishingly the most cohesive and sensical part of the episode, because after that, it's time to reveal that the aliens are all space werewolves, and it's time for a werewolf fight in the middle of the streets. Space wizard teacher transforms first to kill clumsy girl, who now flips and somersaults like a trained gymnist, and does the patented bra-exposure chomp attack, which angers the protagonist enough to try to punch the space werewolf. But seeing him get beaten up awakens her inner werewolf, so she puts a claw through werewolf #1's gut and then passes out. This was an episode that had about a quarter of it devoured by delivering a tactical briefing to randos. It's seriously like staring into the maw of madness.


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