Lupin III Part 6 #04 — Flapping Gums

November 6th, 2021


Did the animators take the week off?

The internet was not cooperating when it came to this popping up anywhere. I don't know why. Possibly it was as embarrassed about this as the people who made it.


Seriously. What even was this episode? Did somebody accidentally turn in their stand-up routine as the script and they decided to just go with that? I'm all for trying new and different styles, presentations, and flexing your directoral muscles to show what you learned in Film 101, but I don't think a ridiculously cheap budget episode of three people sitting in a circle doing schtick qualifies as that. It especially doesn't help when one of the voice actors is as distinctive as he is, so it's obvious what's up from Jigen alone, and yet at the bar we will sit with Lupin and Fujiko for another ten minutes, listening to them attempt and fail to do some kind of Tarantino-esque banter that just goes on and on and on and on and on.

After twelve excruciating minutes of that, things finally kick into overdrive and start going twice as fast. By which I mean instead of a single twelve minute scene of nothing but talking heads, we get two six minute scenes of talking heads. One for Fujiko monologuing, and one to explain what the entire goddamned episode was supposedly about. You know, the episode that was nothing to this point but fifteen minutes of people standing rock still, running their mouths to hear themselves talk. There hasn't really been a good episodes of this iteration yet, and I'm getting close to pulling the cord here.

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