Komi Can’t Communicate #05 — Cacophony

November 3rd, 2021


Maybe she can't communicate because of all the screaming.


This episode takes a bit of a different approach, in that it's four different segments, completely unconnected, and unrelated in any way, with no structure, focus, anything. Basically just whatever they could find to throw together. First, a girl named "Hates To Lose" who hates to lose, and spends her entire segment screaming loudly. Then Komi's mother, whose schtick is that she constantly screams excitedly and loudly. Then we run out of ideas and have to re-run the bit about going to a restaurant, but ramen instead of a cafe, with old characters screaming loudly. Then we finally think up another character name pun for "In Puberty" for the obligatory fourteen sick character, whose gimmick is… you guessed it, screaming loudly about how fourteen sick she is.

As many sins as that dumbass assassin show has, at least I'm finding some comedic value from it. Certainly unintentionally on its side, but I'm laughing. Here, I'm being screamed at. Constantly. Incessantly. Painfully. Nothing anchors the episodes. It just meanders from one screaming character to the next, occasionally going backwards to past screamers. I do not like being screamed at. I can go see my two year old nephew whenever I feel like having my ear drums pierced by twenty nonstop minutes of shrill yelling. 


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