Border Bots #05 — “I Hope You’ve Learned Your Lesson!”

November 1st, 2021


"I don't want to see any more mass executions out of you!"


I think this is where we call it for the Monday mecha shows. Garanndoll is apparently entering a multiple episode arc about a new battery girl, an idol who is anxious because she's not sure she can be a good enough idol for everybody. That's how the episode ends. The other twenty minutes are her… being an idol. No real twists on it or anything, unless you count her being a little bit pissy and self-centered as a twist. I simply… do not have it in me to suffer that show through an entire arc about how great idols are. Especially that show.

Here, on the other hand, we have Whose-His-Face going to his dead not-girlfriend's town, finding them being oppressed by almost literal goblin racist serial killers, and deciding that was reason enough to interrupt a mass execution so he could yell at the goblin men that it doesn't feel so good when you get picked on. I'm not even joking on any of those fronts either. The two baddies are covered in warts and have giant pointed ears. Our hero's big speech is literally him telling serial killers that it doesn't feel so good to not be in power and then he just leaps away back into the wilderness, mission accomplished apparently. 


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