World’s Greatest Assassin #04 — Random Nipples

October 27th, 2021


Ah, AT-X. You sure are… AT-X.

Is it just me or is it vaguely comforting when random nipples appear out of nowhere in an AT-X show? It's kind of like "Yep, this is the trashy reason why it's on AT-X. All is right and proper with the anime world." No?


Well, anyway, definitely a major step up from the last two episodes, but it still desperately needs the plot to get moving in some way. This was entirely concerned with introducing a single character, so kind of had some direction and purpose in at least some vague sense, but it could have easily built at least some drama around everybody in the world was manipulating this poor girl and given her a tiny bit of agency and development in the process. Or at least made a story about him discovering her potential, or realizing that there was more to her than looking at her with the magic power level eye.

Instead, almost as soon as it introduced her, we rewound to get an explanation about how he was manipulating her, then we leap forward literal years and get a recap about how he trained her, mostly concerned with close ups of her nipples. Being upfront and explicit about how he's manipulating her dulls the distastefulness of Yet Another Goddamned Isekai Slave Wife For The Harem thing slightly, as does the casual flirting between them, but again, they could have easily turned the tables and shown her to be aware of it, or manipulating him herself. But then I remember that this is the author of other light novels like Redo of Healer and The Strongest Orc is History Wants To Impregnate a Harem, and… yeah. Developing female characters is not in the cards.

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  • Marmot says:

    how’d they even manage to draw tits so badly

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