World’s Greatest Assassin #02 — Abusing the Grace Period

October 13th, 2021


It's the second episode. Why is it already basically filler?


All right, show. We can say that the slick opening (which you skipped this week) and the solid eight or so minute introduction to start last week bought you 1.5 episodes of grace, but you're on goddamned thin ice after this agonizingly tedious episode. The most positive thing I can think to say is that listening to Yukari Tamura ramble off exposition about how he's going to a world and this'll all be like an RPG for ten minutes straight, I can close my eyes and imagine that it's just a really really terrible episode of Galaxy Angel instead.

After that, we hit all the horrid low points that these dumbass reincarnation things have to go through. Montage, perving on the mother, more montage, gazing in wonder at a generic fantasy landscape after being subjected to the eye-melting disco world that is heaven, yet more montage. This garbage is not necessary! This garbage is not the interesting part of the story. And if you are not telling an interesting part of the story, then what the hell are you doing!?


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