Visual Prison #01 — Random Music Videos Go!

October 8th, 2021


Are we done with idol crap for this season yet?


What on Earth is this? An experiment to see how much of an episode you can cram with random musical numbers? And I mean literally random. It makes it about 30 seconds before it gets sucked into a montage of every named character, which is not the opening, before each group in turn gets their own MTV sequence. Not as in a stage musical where they perform some song about current events or talking about themselves. Just quite literally random music videos, with about 30 seconds of vampire stuff in between them, whether it's floating in air, gasping at how beautiful vampires are, or the obligatory moaning orgasm, complete with eyes rolling back in the head, from having one's blood sucked.

At this point, we're halfway through the episode and only maybe two minutes have been spent on anything but these random AMV cutaways, which means it's time to explain to the main character that he too is a vampire, and as a vampire, is due his own random musical sequence. Did they have a surplus of CDs that they needed to offload due to the pandemic? Are they expecting that nobody will watch past this first episode and so need to get all the singles out there ASAP? Is there something in all these dumbass vampire boy bands' contracts that they must all get equal billing in the first episode? And no two groups can use the same font for the subtitles of their songs?


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    I ended up watching this series intending for it to be a shitty hate watch ala Hypnosis Mic. Instead, hoo boy did it get weird. Not good mind you, but it sure went in some bizarre directions when it wasn’t shilling CD singles.

    Oedipal complexes and backstories between our main lead and the other guy, vampiric twincest, socially distanced rock performances, literal “battle of the bands”, a band member who spends all his time at home nude drinking wine, and a guy who is also Carmilla when exposed to ketchup and turned the vampire bands into animal boys in what’s ostensibly the beach episode. Fucking what.