The World’s Greatest Assassin etc #01 — Girls With Guns

October 6th, 2021


…Psyche! Here's a dude monologuing for fifteen minutes.


Okay, so, first, hire the hell out of whoever was in charge of the OP and give them an entire show, because they definitely weren't in charge of the rest of the episode. That's how you use colors, reflections, and music. This was very much the tale of two segments. The first third of the episode was actually pretty fun. I've lamented the lack of badass girls with guns in recent shows, and that bit delivered. A pair of cheerful girls infiltrating a rich people party selling girls to rapists as they cackle madly, whipping out shotguns, pistols, and spears, and merrily going to absolute town on them. A perfectly good way to establish them, their bona fides, and their willingness to put a knife in a rapist's forehead with a smile and a panty flash.

And then at about eight minutes, we have to slam the rewind button to do the morose protagonist's godawful, excessively long, and particularly stupid origin story. If you wanted to listen to almost ten straight minutes of a dude rambling about how serious being an assassin is, then boy, do I have a drinking game for you. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the budget didn't also fall like a goddamned rock. It's such a whiplash to go from energetic fanservice friendly mayhem to a stone-faced bore rambling for almost fifteen minutes straight just to get to "and then he was reincarnated into Charlie's Angels." Why did we need any of this at all? Why couldn't we have just picked things up from the badass girls with guns and run with that? I assure you, I could follow the relevant plot and character points from just the introduction. We are clearly not a deep or thought provoking show.

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