Taishou Maiden Fairytale #01 — Lovely Adorable Sex Slave

October 8th, 2021


I love generic photoshop filter backgrounds.


No matter how cutesy you try to make this, until you grapple with the fact that you're trying to tell a heartwarming story about a teenage girl being bought to be a depressed rich kid's sex slave, I really don't think that the rest matters. It's made even worse by the segment where she goes to school and everybody remarks on how perfectly suited she is for the slave wife life, and how she works harder than anybody else to be the absolutely perfect piece of property. The whole thing might work if you replaced her with… I don't know… a dog or a cat. Not people. Not a slave. Not a teenage girl slave.

That's one hell of a hump to get over and past with not just any substantial commentary or acknowledgement of how messed up it is, but how joyful and effervescent she is about being owned by the bourgeoisie. But that's also its primary standout trait. It's just another one of the excessively saccharine shows about a melancholic dude suddenly has a doting wife dropped into his lap, the draw being a cute girl smiling in her unquestioning devotion and inexplicable love for Insert Name Here. Normally, it's just happenstance; some fox god sees a guy is hard working, or a girl sees that a guy exists. Hell, it's not even the first "sad rich dude buys a teenage girl," except this one doesn't have a magical goat-headed dude.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Delaware says:

    several years ago, in Japan, women thought their final and most successing future, was to be a good wife for a good man.

    Even now they have part of that retrograde way of thinking.

    But since this show is based in an age where women = objects, it’s LOGIC that in the anime they show how the girls themselves think of them like objetcs for their future man.

  • Fede says:

    I can understand what you’re saying, but this way of thinking is anachronistic. Would you prefer to have the historical context viewed through a rose-tinted glass and just pretend this didn’t happen? This is informing thousands of people of the standard practices of the era. Modern morals would consider these events morally deplorable and illegal, but the simple end of the line fact is that this isn’t set in a modern world. It’s a setting where this was not only the standard way of life, but there simply was no alternative. Women, for 99% of history, were raised from childhood as one of two things: wives, or priestesses/religious figures. That’s it. In the same way the men were raised to fight and engage in civil administration. It was that way from the beginning of civilization, and was even in 1920s Japan. Depicting it as it genuinely was is the best way to inform people about this so we don’t forget history. Would you rather they be completely disingenuous to the historical context for the simple sake of viewer comfort and modern morals? By that logic, no Nazi film should ever be made. No historical show should ever include rape, because we consider it immoral, even if it wasn’t back then.

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