Sakugan #04 — Little Italy

October 28th, 2021


Aaah, stereotypes.


I wondered for a minute if this new woman was going to have a sane name, but it seems like the one consistent thing in this show is that everybody has to have a name like they threw a bucket of kanji at a refrigerator and picked the first thing of at least four syllables that they found. Anyway, this new city is apparently Underground Italy, which means, you guessed it, people dressed like cartoonish mafiosos. It's mainly an introduction for the Fujiko Mine wannabe woman, but that's also about as deep or interesting as her character gets. She's jumped in a bar, saves him, kicks a couple dudes, and then runs off again.

Now, granted, femme fatales in anime aren't exactly a dime a dozen, but I think back to Gina's intro in Vanishing Line or Ema in Garou, and they were genuinely smooth operators. Zackasmackawackalacka, or whatever the hell her name was, is a pale imitator, more petulant and childish than sexy and dangerous. The goofy direction in what was supposed to be her (and him) being badass wasn't helping either. Why is steam shooting out of not-Jaws's head like a kettle? Are we Looney Tunes now? Dude picks up a gun and uses it to carefully snipe only other guns. If you were going for serious and badass, you failed miserably. You splattered people and had literal kamikazes in your opening episode. Why are we dialing the violence down to sub-Disney Afternoon G rated now?

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