Sakugan #03 — Multi-Spatial Cartography

October 21st, 2021


Maybe less time spent arguing about maps, guys.


The thought behind this episode was perfectly fine. Obnoxious super genius is puffed up on her own hubris, but her arrogance gets her into trouble and she learns to not be such an ass all the time. The execution is where it was distinctly lacking, in a lot of ways. For one, she wasn't actually ever wrong or mistaken about literally anything, so not actually much come-uppance for her hubris here, nor is it clear any valuable lesson was learned along the way. It's missing that epiphany or catharsis moment and instead just jumps to them shouting each other's names and triumphant music. It felt hollow. 

It also wasn't helped by the one thing she did that got her into trouble was the bizarre decision to petulantly jump into a random hole during a monster attack, abandoning their only means of transport and defense, not to mention all their supplies. A random hole that had literally just been created by the monster. It's hard to get behind that as something her pride lead her to do. It also took two thirds of the episode to get to that point, which is probably why all the resolution had to be hurried along. Dude really needed to be more present in the episode just in general. You could have almost replaced him with the mech itself just randomly falling onto the spiders and had the same dramatic and emotional weight. Which is not a great thing when your crux is supposed to be the relationship between the two characters!


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