Sakugan! #02 — GENIUS!

October 14th, 2021




The worst part of this show continues to be the girl's name. It's such an awkward mouthful and the VAs struggle to not trip over it every single time they say it. Well, the awful looking CGI monsters aren't doing it any favors either, and this episode was entirely on fighting them. And at least they actually fought them, which is astonishingly a rarity this season despite the half-dozen shows that claim to be about piloting giant robots to fight things. The monsters only waited about thirty seconds patiently for conversations to finish instead of three to four minutes.

That said, it was a quite rote episode. They struggled briefly to get the hang of piloting a mech, and from then on, were never in any danger or threat. They figured out that the beasties were after them immediately, all their plans worked perfectly without a single hitch, even the status screen flashed up that they were GENIUS for their plan of "drop monsters in convenient hole." Give me some ups and downs to add a little spice, guys. Struggle, epiphany, plan falls apart but is salvaged by a last minute desperate bit of insight and effort. It's not very dramatic or interesting when all goes exactly to announced plan from start to end. 

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