Rumble Garanndoll #03 — Dive Therapy

October 25th, 2021


I guess at least it wasn't a flashback machine.


Not as awful as the second episode, but I get the sense that this is the best that the show's got, and it is barely mediocre at its best moments. It goes full Ar Tonelico with a psychic dive that… doesn't actually reveal or do anything whatsoever, because everything is resolved by the guy seeing that she drew fanart of him, so tells her that he'll try harder. The bad guy even obligingly waits for them to do their entire conversation and powerup. This is not a directorial oversight. This is something that they explicitly point out, multiple times, in the way that anime loves to point out its own cliches and then just do them anyway, thinking that they're being self-referential and funny instead of obnoxious.

In any case, the character drama side of things still falls very flat because neither of these prats are likeable in any way and for an episode supposed about them growing and/or coming together, there's not actually much of either. She's a child throwing a tantrum. He's a jerk. They have zero chemistry, either in antagonizing each other or in working together. Give me a real epiphany. Give me a relationship. Give me something to work with. Take out approximately fifteen seconds of the episode, and you're almost reduced to both of them just spontaneously deciding not to be pissy about the last two episodes anymore.

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