Rumble Garanndoll #01 — Be Obnoxious To Win

October 11th, 2021


One show with a chibi mecha pet was enough, thank you very much.

I don't know how we got "Rumble Garanndoll" from "Opposite World Battery Girls," but okay.


I'm not sure I really get what this show is going for. You'd think that failed gigolo wannabes become pilots for chibi tsundere mechs would be more… something, even if I'm not sure what something that would be. Part of it is definitely that its whole gimmick is that they're powered by 'excitement', which it screams out repeatedly, making it the second goddamned lazy mech show with a boring tedious milquetoast golem of a protagonist on Mondays that pulls this crap. As in a ringtone for a fighting anime gives it extra power, and the big moment that makes it glow, the insert song kick in, speedlines blast everywhere, etc, is him going "Okay, I'm going to say a cool line.This is a cool line!" 

But much more importantly, a large part is also that the action side is quite half-assed. The initial big 'fight' is throwing a single punch. The climactic fight at the end is interrupted for almost four minutes straight of explaining that the mechs are powered by excitement which if you cut out, results in the whole 'fight' being each side attacking literally once over almost five minutes. Really using that CGI to its utmost, huh? I suppose it compares favorably to the occasional mecha that runs on boners, lest we forget that's a sub-genre that used to exist, but it's still very slow paced, with terrible action, and tries to fetishize being corny and screaming without actually making it either funny or sufficiently visually cool. It's trying to ape quirky mecha like Aquarion, but mainly only the screaming, silly costumes, and magic girlfriend.


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  • The Phantom says:

    Male lead is a collection of the worst traits that any Anime MC can have, Insecure, Emo, Screamy, indecisive, ugly, weak, you name it he has it, he is basically a pile of shit.

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