Platinum End #01 — Very Silly Faces

October 7th, 2021


Made for internet memes.

Sakugan (previously known as Sacks and Guns) also started actually airing today, so I bumped the episode 1 premiere up to most recent. It's a Thursday show though, and vastly outclasses this one.


Ah, the obligatory dramatic reaction face show. A morose dude who sits there listening to monologue exposition for the entire goddamned episode, only doing anything when prompted to. His magical girlfriend who delivers the monologue exposition. And staring in over the top shocked horror at the various shocking revelations, like how his abusive step parents are 7% more evil than he already thought they were. Gadzooks. Did you see how big their eyes are, but how small the pupils are? And how close up on the face the camera was, and at such a weird angle? What shocking reactions.

Not a great start, to say the least. I wasn't a fan of Death Note (same author) or similar shows either, but I think this probably compares pretty unfavorably to it regardless. The protagonist could be someone who immediately uses their newfound power to proactively go after revenge or even delight in the downfall of his family's murderers, but he is a sad sack at every step of the way, shuffling unemotionally from suicide to magical angel girlfriend to mind control to accidental murder, only able to exert agency as far as being told to do something by his naked angel girlfriend. Yet at the same time, spends the entire 'climax' of the episode gasping and overreacting rather than even acknowledging his part of ongoing events. Be a part of your own damn stupid story that is apparently going in the direction of transforming sentai supervillains. Uh oh, they might have to put in some actual animation effort then. Or continue just doing silly faces.


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  • residentgrigo says:

    The anime will do 14 vol in 24 eps and the manga´s last volume is the worst trash ever so return for the finale of this tragedy. The female lead is also a hateful caricature. Its only downhill from here. Glad I quit the manga early enough in.

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