My Coworker is Annoying #03 — Window Dressing

October 23rd, 2021


Can we get through Halloween at least before Christmas nonsense begins?


I feel like my patience with this is quickly running out. It's inoffensive enough, and the quiet dude and flirty woman is still kind of cute enough, but it's definitely not concentrating enough on the jokes to work well as a comedy, and there is no subtance whatsoever to the romantic/dramatic side either. It badly needs for there to be something going on. Doing the same thing(s) as last episode, but during Christmas does not cut it, especially because I'm all but certain we're going to be going through this again for New Years, and then again for Valentines, and then summer, etc. She fusses over whatever, he is good natured about it. Flirty girl flirts, quiet guy bashfully asks her to some exceedingly low key activity and she prances around happily. Wash, rinse, repeat. Changing the set dressing and costumes is nowhere near enough substance.

Again, I don't feel like it's asking for the world here to have the bare minimum of some kind of plot or story, even if it's something as anodyne as one of them being lonely over the holidays and the other taking a while to realize it. Give me some meat to chew on here. Just any little bit to give the feeling of progress, growth, or change in some way, even the faintest hope that it will not be trapped going through the same motions for the entire series run, all tease, zero resolution or catharsis. If they're not interested in doing it for even a single episode, I can't see how the series as a whole will do it either.


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Hey, she went from not giving him the tie to giving it to him at the “perfect moment.’

    It is a little weird the Christmas episode came so early, those usually have more romantic climax. I hope we don’t get stuck with her continuing to blush and scream whenever someone at the office suggests she may like him (because it’s an open secret and everyone knows)

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