Muv Luv Alternative #01 — The Generic Muv Luv Experience

October 6th, 2021


I'm officially sick of seeing this exact episode from Muv Luv.


This is a very confusing first episode from a meta perspective. On one hand, it's the complete same first episode as every goddamned one of these Muv Luv adaptations (of spinoff material) has gotten. Except that the whole pitch of this one is that it's supposed to finally be an adaptation of the original visual novel. Who is this for then? The people who know the meme about a BETA chomping somebody's head off, so will be excited to see it happen in this opening episode, but aren't actually fans enough to care about fidelity to the source? People really into exposition about goofy CGI aliens invading the world and watching them march along empty landscapes?

I'm all for striking out on your own and writing your own story using established material as only a starting point, but from that angle, we're still ending up with the exact same first episode of every other goddamned show with Muv Luv in its title. Not writing a new episode here so much as re-doing the first episode of Total Eclipse or Schwarzesmarken with a different coat of paint. Same bit about aliens appearing. Same gratuitous CGI beastie chewing on some random horrified soldier. Same clomping mechs stomping around, shooting randomly into large swarms of things, so not even what I believe the kids call dynamic super robot action or what-have-you. But look at the skintight plug suits on the balloon breasts. Yep. Definitely Muv Luv then.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    From the screenshots it seems like some prequel, but if they were going to waste time on that why not do a condensed run through of Unlimited?